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January 2, 2020by Yasir Asghar0

4 Best tips For Facebook Marketing:


we’re gonna to talk about Facebook marketing for business and the four best tips to use to grow your business and take it to the next level.

Facebook is huge, It’s getting bigger everyday. The targeting is insane. If you’re not using Facebook to market your business, you’re totally missing out, but there’s a lot of facets to it, right? So, let’s just focus in on the four most important facets that we feel you need to understand to be successful on Facebook, and if you take advantage of these things, you should see results and grow your business. So, let’s break it down.

Tip number one is to run video ads. Video ads on Facebook are hugely powerful and extremely effective. When we look at all the different types of ads that we run for ourselves and for other small businesses, the video ads are consistently the top performing ads that you could possibly run.

In an addition to that, you can build retargeting lists off of people that have watched the video a certain period of time. For example, if somebody’s watched at least 25% or 50% of the video, you could build an audience list that runs retargeting ads that runs different videos to those people.

This is powerful because if they’ve watched at least that much of the video, it just gives you an indicator to the fact that they’re interested in the content, and the contents relevant to them.

So if you can then run additional ads to them that are different, you’re gonna get that engagement that you want, that following that you want, and eventually the business that you’re looking for with regards to leads and sales.

So, video ads are hugely, hugely powerful. Make sure you’re taking advantage of ’em. So an example of a video campaign that we recently ran with great success was one actually for the Denver Broncos.

They were looking to really run an event with one of their partners to sell franchises for fitness accounts. So, fitness type of a business, selling franchises was the event. It’s obviously a really niche community, very, very focused, and they had done this in the past.

They hadn’t seen tremendous success. It’s been successful, but they wanted to see more success, maybe with Facebook ads. So, what we did is we set up a video ad. We ran the video ad. When people had watched a certain amount of the video, we went ahead and remarketed to those people with additional ads and additional content because we knew if they watched a certain amount of the video, they were obviously interested and it was relevant to them.

So, we displayed additional ads. Results were tremendous, guys. We got a lot of people there. They ended up selling 12 franchises, which were about $150,000 a piece.

It was a huge, huge outcome. I can just tell you they spent a very small amount of money on the Facebook campaign in comparison to the revenue that they received. So, this is one example of how you can use Facebook video ads in addition to retargeting to see some great results.

Tip number two is Targeting. It is imperative that you have targeted campaigns that you’re running. Facebook has an insane amount of ways to target the demographics and build out an audience that’s very relevant to what you’re trying to propose.

And so, by going through Facebook, it gives you ways to basically target by location, so you can pick cities, you can do radius’ around things, states, whatever you wanna do.

You can then target by demographics like age and gender and other things like job descriptions and those sorts of things to get in front of the right type of a person that you’re looking for, and then you can target by interest as well.

Interest can be anything you can think of, food, travel, career, fitness, anything you could possibly literally think of can be in the interest category. So figure out your targeting and then layer it in, guys. Layering it in is extremely important.

By layering, I essentially mean … Let me just really walk you through an example. Here’s an example of layering: The Bronco’s campaign, back to that example. Their first piece of layering was targeting by location.

They targeted folks within a hundred miles of Denver. Hundred miles within Denver was the location. Then they looked at the demographics. They wanted to target both male and female that were age 25-45.

That was the targeting they were really looking for, that were also in the fitness field, so a fitness professional is essentially part of that demographic piece. The interest piece was people that were interested in fitness and also franchises.

So you can see how that layering really narrows the focus down to the right demographic. They then ran a video ad to that demographic, that audience, and the people that watched a certain percentage of it, that was that final indicator that, hey this is super targeted, these people are very relevant, they’re interested in this.

They then were able to run additional ads and squeeze the towel, to get as much out of it as they could, which was the best way to do it and get the highest level-

Tip number three is to understand all the different types of ad campaigns that you can build. Facebook has a lot of different options and you need to know the difference between those.

For example, a like campaign is different than a brand campaign, and a traffic driving campaign is different than a lead ads campaign. They’re all good and they all make sense, but only within what your actual end goal is, and if it really helps you achieve that. So, understanding the different campaign types is gonna help you better understand the type of campaign you need to set up to achieve your goals.

Let’s walk through those. First, let’s talk about a brand campaign. Brand campaign is about getting you out there so that people recognize your brand, start getting familiar with it, understanding who you are, getting your name out in the world.

One thing you want to pair with a brand campaign is checking the direct traffic on your website. If you look in analytics, and look for direct traffic, if that increases while you’re running a brand campaign, its an indicator that you’re top of mind in people’s minds, and when they’re thinking about somebody in your industry, they’re thinking of you first, and their actually going directly to your website.

That’s called direct traffic. By running a brand campaign, sometimes you may not see the results directly through the Facebook campaign itself, with regards to likes and followers and those sorts of things, ’cause its just renting space in people’s minds, they’re seeing you as they’re working through their feed and its just staying in the back of their mind. But now, one day, when they need what you provide, they go straight to your website. That’s a direct visit to your website, and that’s why you wanna track that in combination with brand campaigns, to understand how its truly performing.

Next, I wanna talk about a like campaign. A like campaign is just building your following. If you have a Facebook page in addition to running Facebook ads, and you wanna build your followers organically on Facebook, and also leverage those ads to get additional followers, kind of put some steroids behind that campaign to really grow your following on Facebook, a like campaign is really good, ’cause what it’s goal is and what Facebook wants to do with that type of a campaign is when people see your content in the feed and whatnot, they want to motivate them to click to like you.

This is really powerful ’cause its kind of like creating a remarketing campaign in a way, ’cause once somebody likes you, now they start seeing some of your other content which your posting organically, which you don’t even have to pay for.

Now, one thing and a power tip here, is to run remarketing off of your like campaign. In other words, when somebody likes you, set up your Facebook campaign so that it adds them into a remarketing campaign as well, because when they like you, that’s an indicator that your content is relevant to them, of interest to them.

Now you know that and so now you can run ads to them and your gonna really have better results with your ads because it’s running to an audience that has a higher level of interest than just running shotgun approach ads to everybody else. Retargeting in combination with like campaigns, super powerful. The next campaign type that’s super powerful is lead ads.

Facebook has this product called Lead Ads now. Its an ad campaign where essentially somebody will see your ad, and they can click to basically submit a lead form right from the ad. They don’t even need to go to your website or anything. Facebook already knows their phone number, their name, their email, those sorts of things. So they literally don’t even need to fill out any information.

They just click to submit their lead information to you as a business owner. This is extremely powerful because its very easy and very effective. Its so easy that you get a lot of leads.

That can also be a negative. One tip we have here is add an addition field that just forces them to at least fill something out because that makes them take that extra step to qualify themselves before they become a lead. That’s gonna increase your lead quality. Also, just understand what the call to action needs to be. Why are they filling out this form? What does your ad say? What are they getting when they fill out this form? If you make that very powerful, you’re gonna see a really high conversion rate and you’re gonna get a lot of leads. Definitely try lead ads, but do it the right way.

One other tip to lead ads, before I forget, don’t forget to integrate that with your CRM. That way when somebody fills out the lead form, it populates straight into your CRM, so that your sales team can start working it and everything else.

You don’t wanna just have the email that you receive, that you have to work off of email and manually put the leads into your CRM. Just make that connection and make sure that’s smooth.

The last campaign type that I wanna talk about is traffic campaigns. Traffic campaigns are essentially ads that you’re running on Facebook that drive traffic to your website or a landing page.

This is very, very powerful because it gets people, your targeting really dialed in, and you start running ads, and you get people to your website or to your product page if its e-commerce, or to your service page if you’re a local business right from Facebook, and so you’re capturing that traffic right there.

Power tip here, have a very strong landing page that matches your ad copy. So, whatever your ad says on Facebook, they should see that same messaging right when they go to your website or your landing page.

If they don’t, you’re gonna have a high bounce rate, which is when somebody sees your website and goes right back to Facebook. You want ’em to stay on your website.

You want ’em to call you or fill out a lead form, or learn more, at least, on your website. Make sure that messaging matches up and also run retargeting campaigns off of the traffic that goes through your website. Those folks coming from Facebook, going to your website and not doing anything, you know they were interested because they took that step of actually clicking your ad, so you wanna run retargeting to those folks.

Because here, let’s think about it, when you go to a website, how many times do you really call, buy something, or fill out a lead form the very first time? Probably not very many, right? You’re initially just wrapping your mind around the brand, you’re doing some research, maybe you get interrupted, maybe you were at a stoplight real quick and you checked it, you just didn’t have time, right? So, 97% of the time, this is gonna occur and people aren’t gonna call you.

They’re not gonna convert. That doesn’t mean its bad traffic, it just means that you just need to stay in front of ’em because when they are ready to convert they’re gonna go with you if you do. That’s why you wanna run retargeting and keep leveraging the fact that they came to your website. When they’re ready, they’ll buy.


Tip number four, and this is the last tip, it’s the creative. Just always be creative. Create new ads all the time. Ads become stale quick, right? Ads age like mayonnaise in the sun. They age like the bananas on the countertop.

After a week, its getting old. People have seen it too much, so you need to constantly update your ads with fresh content, new designs, and new videos, new content.

Always provide value. Think of that next thing that your audience wants to know about, learn about, see, be a part of, laugh at and create that content and have a structure for that. Now after you’ve changed your ads for six months, you know, that kind of thing, you might be able to wrap back to the beginning again and do some of those ads again, ’cause its gonna be fresh again in people’s minds, but what you don’t wanna do is just run the same ad forever.

You’ll probably see good results initially, but then its just gonna kind of peter out, right? Its gonna get kind of stale, the bananas gonna turn brown, nobodys gonna wanna eat it.

So you’re gonna wanna make sure your ads are good, sharable content that people are interested in seeing, that they interact with and if you do that, you’re gonna see tremendous results.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully, this video gave you four great tips on Facebook marketing for business and how you can take advantage of it. I know its complicated.

I know there’s a lot of moving parts, so if you any questions, give us a call. We love this stuff. We eat Facebook for breakfast, so call us. We’ll help, glad to walk you through it, even if you don’t work with us, we’ll give you some ideas that you can take back to the fort.

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    As the pioneer of the lean startup movement, ENCODUO has dedicated it’s time to sharing effective business strategies that help new businesses and enterpreneurs put their money to work in the right way.


    If you wish to receive our latest news in your email box, just subscribe to our newsletter. We won’t spam you, we promise!


      As the pioneer of the lean startup movement, ENCODUO has dedicated it’s time to sharing effective business strategies that help new businesses and enterpreneurs put their money to work in the right way.

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